Friday, November 17, 2006

there's ultra power in it

i get to sleep in tomorrow. and saturday. and sunday. awesome. but what could be even more awesome than that? i only work monday and tuesday of next week, thus giving me wednesday-sunday of thanksgiving week off. i don't know how i lucked out on that one, but i'm stoked.

time is getting weirder and weirder for me. i'm glad i'm working to keep myself busy, because otherwise i feel an overall lack of stimulation. it's so strange that next week is thanksgiving. i'm incredibly excited to be home for it but oddly enough i keep thinking about how awesome last year's makeshift thanksgiving was. and thoughts of last year's thanksgiving lead to thoughts of last year's christmas season lead to thoughts of new year's and so on. needless to say i'm missing people and places, both korea and dc-related, and i feel the need to do some visiting and take a break from upstate life.

friends here are great, of course. i had a fairly amusing night at jeni's. i ate my weight in food, joe and matt kicked our asses at cranium (but i showed off my mad humming skills. wait, what?) while jeni and jude straggled behind, and matt randomly said that he could see mr. clean and me being very happy together. and no, that's not some sort of code name a la mr. big, he literally means mr. clean. so, apparently i have a very bright future with the fictional cleanliness icon himself.

mr. clean. <3saranghae<3