Thursday, January 15, 2009

almost ready to become a korean housewife

after yet another successful batch of kimchi jjigae, i'm pretty sure i would make a kick ass korean housewife. if only i didn't suck so much at making rice.

i suppose that's what rice steamers are for. perhaps i'll invest in one somewhere down the line.

Monday, January 12, 2009

such a sap

let it be known that i just watched marley & me and am now a sobbing wreck.

i haven't cried this hard since reading the sixth harry potter book.

it's funny, the things that affect me. marley & me reminded me so much of blondie, the super dog we were lucky enough to have in our lives from when i was a kindergarten-er all the way up to my college years.

not to spoil too much, but the final scenes hit close to home and i was flooded with memories of my mom and me, on the vet's floor, saying goodbye to blondie and thanking her over and over for being such a good dog.

blondie, wherever you are - feel free to come haunt us and teach kimchi a lesson or two on what a good dog should be.