Wednesday, June 08, 2005

119 you say?

so i was perusing the daejeon website and discovered a few things:
1) walmart and costco are both in the city- thank god.
2) there don't seem to be any catholic churches, so a christian scientist i will be!
and 3) the emergency number seems to be 119 and not 911. i'm screwed. how do they expect me to memorize a whole new number?

anyway, this is the school from the outside

the school is on the seventh floor- just a small institute for learning, called a hagwon and they're extremely popular in korea. it's kind of like the sylvan learning center- aside from language they also offer math and science.
i was thrilled to see there's a subway in the building... i can imagine i'll be craving that once in a while.
nice and business-y, huh?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

and begin

i have just created my own personal blog... figured it was time i at least registered for one to give all you people stuck in the states constant updates of my adventures in south korea. of course, you've probably looked at this date and said "but tanya, you aren't in korea yet." and then i say "of course not you stupid idiot, but i thought i would give you the 411 of my process of getting ready to leave, because naturally you have no life and need to read things like this to feel important."


i just signed a contract with yang young institute in daejeon, south korea. i leave on august first (provided catholic comes through and sends me my official transcript so i can get my visa), and i will soon put a picture of the school up for all to oooh and ahhh at.