Thursday, January 24, 2008

celebrity sighting?

i think i've had my first official nyc celebrity sighting.

i boarded the brooklyn-bound red line subway like any other day. it was the typical busy thursday, and i ran car to car to find one with enough room to fit one more weary worker. after assuming the "not enough room to hold onto a pole" stance, i looked up and saw none other than anthony rapp standing (facing) me. he was reading his book on poker, and i was reading... and i swear i am not lying... his brother's novel, the year of endless sorrows.

honestly, i'm still not 100% sure it was him, but i'm pretty damn sure. because i was standing so close to him, i tried to lift my book as high as i could hoping it would garner some sort of attention or reaction from him. he got off at 14th street, and that was when his eyes met my book.

i, a once freak-ish (and still slightly obsessed) renthead, considered saying something to him, but decided he'd probably rather be left alone. with that, he left the train. he may not be a celebrity everyone knows, but for someone who: can quote dazed and confused in its entirety; can sing the entire soundtrack of rent without the aid of music; grew up watching "adventures in babysitting" repeatedly; and read his (slightly indulgent) autobiography, it's pretty effing cool.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

it's gonna be a happy new year

what a way to start 2008. i'm feeling very refreshed after the weekend. having four days off in a row was a much needed routine change. all said and done, i'm happy to say it was one of those times when i enjoyed every minute. and yes, this is another one of those self-serving posts where i write about everything i did. i promise, it's not meant to bore you. it's more for my own good when a year from now i want to remember what i did on new year's and can access it at the click of a button. oh technology. i love you and i loathe you.

jeni, amy, and scott came in on friday night, so we got up bright and early saturday morning... to sit around for a few hours before going out to a leisurely breakfast at sage. after that, we headed into manhattan. we wandered around midtown, first looking at the ridiculously priced engagement rings at tiffany's, then visiting jude at work next door at the trump tower. after getting some free coffee, we headed over to central park just in time for a street show. lo and behold, i was dragged and they made me bend over (what?) in a line of people so the ridiculously skinny jumper (have you ever seen him?) could somersault over us.

after that, we grabbed a quick lunch at a cafe and wandered all the way down to bryant park in search of an unlocked bathroom. after waiting in the longest line ever, we went back to see the christmas tree. i've never seen rockefeller center as busy as it was... and i thought it was crowded the night i went with my parents, which was the weekend before christmas. at one point, i think we were all just kind of lodged into the crowd and couldn't move in any direction, because everyone was heading toward us. we were the black hole of the christmas crowd, sucking in all people who dared go near.

finally we got out and wandered around some more until it was time to meet jude and go to dinner. we had reservations at the elephant, which was pretty good. everything was going really well until scott and i decided to each get a scotch on the rocks for dessert... somehow the bartender thought we wouldn't notice if he put a bit of vodka in the drink to save some money. of course this would not slide so i very politely went to the bartender and said something tasted off and perhaps the ice sat in it a bit too long. he automatically got defensive and said he only put scotch in it. he did give us two new drinks, though, with ice on the side this time.

after that, we headed back and played fact or crap. i've discovered that i'm a pretty solid player, even when i have some scotch in me and hold up the opposite answer that i want. i won, which is all that matters... at games and life.

we got up again on sunday morning and lazed around the apartment until jude had to go to work. then we went to target and amy bought us a garbage can. thanks, amy.

finally, our adventure had to come to an end and it was time for them to leave... just in time for arthur to get in that night. we played catch up while playing scrabble (i won) and headed to bed.

which brings me to... my birthday. we got up rather early and went all around the city. first we went to midtown to look at the restoration on the hearst tower. we visited both jude and debbie at work and went down to greenwich village for some lunch. we ended up continuing south (past the ghostbusters firehouse, hooray!) and ended up seeing the world trade center site. i hadn't been yet, and it is pretty amazing. definitely one of those places that takes you immediately back in time.

we realized soon enough that if we didn't leave then i would be late to my own party. after getting some snacks at balducci's and some alcomohol, we got back to my apartment only to find alex waiting outside of my apartment. and soon enough, one person showed up after another... megan, katherine, margaret, phil, and kevin. we spent so long sitting and drinking that we missed the first dinner reservations i had made. luckily my cancellation at the second place never went through thanks to them putting me on hold, so we made it to dinner at two boots (we also met deb there, who was held up at work).

i actually think it worked out for the best, because the place definitely had crazy energy. the jazz band was absolutely amazing. not to mention that i won a stuffed duck for making the best car alarm noise. but i'm not bragging... it was a fixed contest. and i couldn't keep the duck.

we were thinking of going to see the fireworks at midnight, but when we ordered a bottle of champagne to take with us, the waitress started to pour it for everyone. of course we decided to just stay and drink it. so, we stayed for the new year and danced and drank and drank and danced. eventually we figured it was time to head out. half of the group went back to my apartment and the other half (including me) went to loki bar. at first katherine, deb, and i were the only ones dancing. but all it took was a little song called jump around to get the dance party started.

long story short, the crowd dwindled out, and eventually it was just katherine, kevin, and me getting kicked out when the bar closed. at 5:15 am we were home safe and sound, eating stale french bread and thawing out from the cold. most people left early that morning, so katherine and i went out for brunch and then lazed around watching flight of the conchords and friends.

and now it is january 2nd and i am basking in the glow of having great visits with great friends. and now if they would all be kind enough to move to nyc my life would be complete.