Wednesday, June 08, 2005

119 you say?

so i was perusing the daejeon website and discovered a few things:
1) walmart and costco are both in the city- thank god.
2) there don't seem to be any catholic churches, so a christian scientist i will be!
and 3) the emergency number seems to be 119 and not 911. i'm screwed. how do they expect me to memorize a whole new number?

anyway, this is the school from the outside

the school is on the seventh floor- just a small institute for learning, called a hagwon and they're extremely popular in korea. it's kind of like the sylvan learning center- aside from language they also offer math and science.
i was thrilled to see there's a subway in the building... i can imagine i'll be craving that once in a while.
nice and business-y, huh?

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Tori said...

posted at 6am tanya? what are you getting on korea time already? sheesh woman :p i guess this means i have to visit you before august 1st then. and if there's a subway in your building, you know i'll be coming to korea to visit!! hellz yeah subway!!!