Thursday, November 24, 2005

tanya's thanksgiving list

ok, even though it's friday and technically no longer thanksgiving in korea (duh, it's an american holiday), i still have about 15 minutes to make this post and have it up in time going by the time back home before thanksgiving is officially over. well, i guess it doesn't matter anyway, because i'm celebrating thanksgiving with my friends tomorrow. i was feeling a bit down just because i knew that basically my whole family was together and i was on the other side of the world- a little bit of homesickness, yes, but not so bad that i hated it here and wanted to go home. plus, a year away from holiday routines will make them that much more appreciated when i'm back home. i'm still really excited to spend thanksgiving with my friends tomorrow and i thought i'd be corny and put into words everything i'm really thankful to have:

-my parents and the fact that i couldn't have asked for 2 better ones!
-my sisters and the fact that it's awesome that they're also my best friends (and the fact that celeste admitted she was weepy off and on today because i wasn't there)
-the friends i've made here- i'd read so much that it's hard to make "real" friends here because most people are only here for a year and they're only in it for themselves and they're really just drinking buddies and blah blah blah... but it's amazing that not only did i make "real" friends, but they are so much like my friends back home
-naturally, this follows with my college friends: especially the ryan hall people and the trailer broads
-of course friends back home (stand by me, anyone?)
-my dogs back home
-my dog here!
-no more college stress
-the feeling of ultimate freedom
-the non-existent need to set my alarm in the mornings
-an opportunity to save up money for evil college loans for an entire year
-carrefour and e-mart and their magnificant prices and the fact that they have just about everything i need and haven't yet had to make a trip to walmart or costco (that'll end tomorrow when we go thanksgiving shopping)
-food is so cheap here
-"there are no christmas decorations here" is a blatant lie- the department stores are pretty good about that
-the fact that i chose daejeon and not seoul or some other city- seoul is just too dirty and too crowded
-ondol heating (kimchi, if he could write, would also want this to be on the list- see picture below)
-internet in my apartment
-torrents and the opportunity to catch up on my favorite current shows
-ajumas who will feed you at the jjimjilbang
-clothes that fit here (everyone said i'd have such a hard time finding pants and shoes and jackets if you're a certain height or shoe size... i've had no problems thus far)
-and most importantly, my coffee maker- i couldn't have done this without you.

and there it is, tanya's little thanksgiving. i'm sure i've left off a lot of things, but that's all i can think of for now.

and now, a picture of kimchi sprawled out on the floor enjoying the ondol heating- when the heat goes on, there he is, arms and legs stretched out as far as possible, belly on the floor:


Sissy said...

Aaawww - that was nice Tanya! Much love, hugs & kisses -

Your favorite oldest sister!

Mommy said...

Yea, awwwww, that was lovely. I especially like the top of your "thankful" list. I am honored! You girls and Dad are the top of my list. You guys make me the most thankful Mom/wife going!!!

tanya said...

i didn't necessarily say the list was written in order... guess I got a little too used to confucianism over here... old people go first!

Mommy said...

Hey! That's just plain mean!

You go to the bottom of the favorite daughters list!


Sissy said...

Haha - mom loves me best!!!!!!