Monday, February 27, 2006

more celeste pictures

the rest of my week with celeste went swimmingly. thursday we went to gyeryeongsan so she could take in a little korean mountain/temple scenery, and thursday night melissa, rika, kate, and lucy came over for a girl's night. friday we went shopping in the underground mall where celeste finally found some boots, and then friday night was our night out- celeste's crash course in korean nightlife. we started off with yogurt soju at the soju tent, then headed over to the noraebang. after that we took a brief intermission at 7-11 for some lemon remix soju, and then went straight over to bubi bubi. one thing that's starting to suck about bubi bubi is the atmosphere change- they seem to have found a new deal that they like and stuck with, because now every time we go it's all you can drink beer for $5, which is great in and of itself, but it's starting to attract a lot more people. one of the things we liked best about the place was that we could go there and dance and be left alone and not be a spectacle, but lately the guys have been a lot more adament about dancing with us and can't take the hint that we don't want to dance with them when we run away from them across the dance floor. all in all, it was a fun night. i ended up running into jim, a coworker from canada, which i thought was funny because it was my first time seeing him out. we were there until about 4:30 in the morning, and celeste, i'm sorry to say, i think that mom and dad ended up staying out later than you did when they visited.

for saturday we planned on spending the night in seoul, and decided to splurge on ourselves and make reservations at the marriott. we were pretty tired when we got there and decided that, even though we were in seoul and most normal people would go out sight-seeing, we were going to stay in the hotel the entire night. so we ate good food at the restaurant and reveled in the sense of normalcy brought by to us a grilled tuna sandwich and a reubin, bath tubs, ben and jerry's ice cream, and two full-sized beds. it was nice.

so, without further ado, here are some highlights of celeste's week here:

putting on our best oasis faces

celeste, me, and aaron at oasis

remember when it was cool for you and your sister to wear matching dresses? what? it's not cool?

at the soju tent

al pouring celeste soju, korean style

you oughta know

new year's day with aaron, obviously we had a whole dance choreographed

at bubi bubi: jim, me, al, celeste, aaron


Sissy said...

Those are great - especially since my boobs aren't standing right out for everyone to see....and hey, I didn't realize either that it wasn't cool for sistes to wear matching outfits...uh oh. And yes - I realize that I'm pathetic in that mom & dad stayed out later than us. I think there I had 4 shots of soju, that lemon stuff and a glass or 2 of oj & soju.....and that was for the whole week. Years ago that would've been in 1 night. My my my how times they do change!

Mommy said...


It is indeed very cool for sisters to dress alike. It is especially cool for girls to dress like their Mommy!

Sissy said...

Hehe - sure mom......

silky said...

hey, that guy on the left looks like edwin.