Friday, July 06, 2007

i'm on vacation

i have to admit it, my family is the best group of people to vacation with. ever. we're all naturally goofy people, and the release of stress and responsibility makes us even weirder. my dad, in particular, likes to justify his actions- extra ice cream, kahlua in his coffee, speeding a little in his car, by declaring in a hick-y voice "i'm on vacation!" it may not be funny to you, but it makes great memories for me.

i'm on a little vacation of my own, and life is good right now. in other words, i just finished my last day at p.b.loco. i have a wide open schedule until thursday, when i start working again. at the moment, i am enjoying a chipotle veggie burrito and a czech lager (the name of which escapes me). i'm in communication-mode with three schools in seoul. i think one's a no go because it invoves teaching kindergarten. translation: morning work, and possibly split-shifts. the other two are on opposite ends of the city- one in bangbaedong (in the south) and the other in banghak-dong (in the north). the first location would probably more ideal and centrally located, but i'm sure the second would be much more peaceful, as it's more residential.

i have a good feeling that by the end of this week, i will have a job in seoul and the visa process will begin.


Sissyyyyyy said...

Yay! I'm ready to get my ticket - this time i hope to fly 1ST CLASS BABY, but maybe i'd better think about getting an extra job or two to do that. uhhhh, anyone have an extra thousand or two?

and yes - i can completely see/hear dad saying that (as we are trying to peel him away from whatever has him so we can go somewhere.....)

Mom said...


I want to be "on vacation" with my family!! It is indeed the best group to travel with!!!