Monday, August 18, 2008

can't. sleep.

4 am on a monday morning. i woke up at 2 and haven't been able to fall back asleep.

accompanied by a glass of vino, i'm hoping writing this will tire me out.

on the update front, kimchi is doing very well. i picked him up the monday following the operation. he was back to normal in no time, trying to swallow inedible objects.

i got a hold of his x-ray, so you no longer have to look at my ghetto photoshop version:

as i so accurately depicted earlier, the needle is at the front of the stomach, straight up and down. on the bright side, the surgery wasn't nearly as expensive as first estimated. a mere $2500. it is sad that compared to the inital $4500, $2500 seems cheap.

life in brooklyn is good. i'm enjoying the neighborhood more and more. every time i take a walk around i notice something new - cafes, churches, little shops. prospect park is great for day trips and runs. today was spent lazing around (ha! use of scrabble word!), eating breakfast at bristen's with deb, phil, and arthur, and then playing scrabble and scattergories in the park.

the roommates and i caught a late viewing of vicky cristina barcelona on friday night. it was good. in fact, very good. as a result i was left wishing i could spend a month in barcelona, drinking wine and painting with crazed fervor. but again, i am quite content with nyc.

and let's not forget my oh-so-productive saturday consisting of sucking up all of the dead cockroaches from our cupboards with melissa. at least the nyc cockroaches aren't as large as the media depicts.

and so, i am beginning to wind down... in enough time to wake up in a few hours. i've got a lot of planning on my plate for tomorrow and tuesday. my grandfather's service will be on wednesday, and celeste's shower is on saturday. in order to avoid two trips, i am going to work from home on thursday and friday.

- and end late-night update -

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