Tuesday, November 11, 2008

so do washing machines...

it's tuesday night, and for the first time i'm finding myself with absolutely nothing to do. no laundry, no dinners, no shopping excursions. a chance to properly update!

all i have to do is listen to christmas music on pandora (god help me), eat leftover pizza, enjoy some buffalo trace on the rocks, and catch up on the past two months.

it's been a hell of a two months.

it seems to have all started when kimchi swallowed the needle. life started going and wouldn't stop. up until mid-october pretty much every weekend was spent traveling somewhere - celeste's shower, grandpa yusko's funeral, celeste's bachelorette party, celeste's wedding.

in light of losing two grandfathers, i did gain one amazing brother-in-law. welcome to the family, chris. it only took you seven years to get here, but you made it. three cheers for chris. hip hip hooray.

the wedding was gorgeous. perfect october weather, at peak foliage. the ceremony took place in a little circular courtyard outside. the reception was inside, at the corning country club.

my personal favorite part of the wedding was when celeste's dress broke not once, but twice. being that the second time meant the dress was beyond repair, she sent diane and myself in a frenzy to get her jeans and my t-shirt so she wouldn't have to be the naked bride.

i thought it was rather funny that the t-shirt i wore that day was a mondale '84 t-shirt. she obviously didn't have a clue who mondale was. that is, until some guest told her and i heard from across the dance floor, "TANYA! MONDALE'S A DEMOCRAT?!?!"

good times.

if you would like to peruse pictures, you can look at them here. the password is bubble.

for now, here is mi famila:

da bridal party:

the ceremony:

i think that according to the last apartment update, arthur and i were trying to get the downstairs apartment. turns out we just ended up keeping the one i'm currently in. it really looks like a different place from the one i lived in for an entire year. with the help of debbie and phil, we painted the living room, kitchen, and hallway yellow. with arthur's craftsmanship, we also have a breakfast bar and stools now. a proper place to eat! and drink...

after a few stops at ikea, we also now have a new entertainment center and bookshelves. i think we're both rather proud of how the place turned out.

i ended up taking melissa's room after she moved out, which means i now have my own bathroom. it's the best feeling in the world to know that i can pretty much stay in bed all day without having to meet the outside world (or apartment). have to go to the bathroom? covered. need a refill of water? covered. kimchi has to go to the bathroom? covered. oh wait, nope, still have to take him outside for that.

and finally, for the future. i tried my best to bleach my bathroom this evening and ensure everything is clean, because my parents are visiting this weekend. but wait, that's not all! they're bringing hetty, vespa, and felix with them. hetty and vespa are only here for the visit, but felix will be here to stay. i can't even count how many times i've gone home during college, or even recently, and said something to the effect of "aren't you going to miss felix when i take him with me?" or "do you think he'll fit in my suitcase all right?"

after telling my mom that arthur and i were thinking about getting a kitten, she decided felix, our much-beloved 14 year old black cat, would be better off living with us, away from the four beastly dogs. apparently judson yelled at him not too long ago when he tried to jump up on the couch onto my mom's lap. since then, he hasn't been too keen on getting up on the couch and isn't getting the attention he deserves.

anyway, at least here he will only have a little terrorist chihuahua to put up with. felix is kimchi's buddy. kimchi really enjoys chasing felix around or forming the "kimchi conga line" with him. we're just like the brady bunch. a twisted verson at that.

after this weekend, celeste and chris (hopefully) are visiting. not sure what the plans entail, but it will probably involve a historic tour of some sort.

then comes thanksgiving, hurrah! only my favorite holiday. we are renting a car to drive out to horseheads, because traveling with chihuahuas is a a bitch, and with two people the cost is manageable.

that's about it in terms of updates. maybe one day we'll have pictures of the apartment to put up, so everyone can see just how amazing it looks. nope, not biased at all.

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