Tuesday, January 31, 2006

free at last! free at last!

or... free in another three days. and by free i mean i'll be able to sleep in on the weekdays again because it'll be the END OF INTENSIVES. i know i shouldn't be complaining because i have friends whose schedules are far worse, but still, i have the right to celebrate the fact that i'll soon be snoozing well past the 7 o'clock hour i'd been getting up at for the past month.

i'm hoping this week will fly by because it's only a four day week, and tomorrow's already wednesday. today became extra-special because fred came in right before my two hour middle school class started and asked me if today would be the last day we saw our middle schoolers. i hadn't heard anything about it, so he checked with the korean co-teacher and confirmed that it was in fact our last day with these classes. not that they were a particularly horrible class, but they definitely weren't my favorite in terms of conversation, interest, and overall cuteness (really, how cute can a class of middle schoolers be?) they were a class made up of maybe 11 boys and 5 girls, and you know how 14 year old boys can be. so farewell students, especially troll and ogre, you won't be missed too much.

no other major reporting to do. this weekend wasn't particularly noteworthy, despite the fact i had three days off. i only went out one night (friday) which i think was a good choice on my part because the rest of the nights allowed for a decent night's sleep (none of this get in at 6 or 7 am crap). friday i discovered the wonder that is yogurt soju. we went to a soju tent next to bubi bubi, our favorite club, and threw back a couple bottles. don't let the yogurt part fool you- it wasn't weird or thick or dairy-ish, it tasted just like candy. oh and as it turns out, apparently you can't drink in the 7-11 because we went there for a soju break (post-soju tent, pre-bubi bubi) and although we'd been there many times before for the same reason, the guy actually asked us to drink outside this time. lesson learned.

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