Sunday, May 14, 2006

just call me phyllis

so lately i've become sort of a recluse. my daily routine has consisted of getting up, going to work, coming home, and crashing. on weekends i hang out with alisun and melissa, maybe see a movie, but i do nothing that would tire myself out. let's just say that i've turned into an old lady. i just can't do nights out anymore or huge group socializing. it takes too much out of me. i'm greatful for al and melissa because when i hang out with them, we don't have to do anything or talk, we can just lounge around and be happy. so yeah i'm sad that i haven't really seen anyone lately, but the thought of a night out or even a big get-together gives me a bit of a headache.

anyway, last night (sunday) we ended up planning a taco dinner and rounded the whole crew up for it. i think the total head count was 13 or 14 people crammed into melissa's apartment. it was fun, and the night ended in a noraebang session, but today i'm realizing why i just can't do nights like that anymore. it took so much out of me. granted, the wine and singing probably didn't help AT ALL, but i woke up today without a voice just feeling tired. kind of reinforces the fact that yes, i'm damn entitled to come home and crash at 9:30 every night and should keep doing so, because i think if i don't, i'm going to feel like crap for the rest of my time here.

it makes me sad to think about it because life here used to be go out and come home at 5:30/6 am. it was fine for a while, but my body just can't handle it anymore. i had a lot of fun last night and it felt good to socialize and sing, but i'm just not the same person i was when i first got here, physically and mentally. i haven't been eating much because of being sick, so i couldn't finish my taco, but that didn't stop me from splittling a bottle of wine with someone, which had more of an effect on me than it should have and i ended up feeling like i drank a LOT. so no, i'm not hungover this morning, but just feeling used and abused from last night and thought i'd gripe about it on my blog. it just amazes me because seeing everyone last night, i had to catch up with them. they're still doing the out all night/come home in the morning thing weekend after weekend, and i just can't understand how their bodies are still letting them do that. yeah call this my whiney blog entry, but i guess i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

jeez, looking back at pictures from last night though, i did my usual bogart the mic routine. i don't know what it is- the second i get into the room something takes over, and i'm up front the whole time. c'mon, tanya, practice a little self-control. at that rate, it'll take a few good months until i'm better. well, here are some pictures for thought:

(salsa, me, and dp. who invited these losers?)

(kevin, sulking that we're not at the noraebang yet, motorcycle helmet et al)

(lucy, schooling everyone norae-style)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who's aged 40 years within the 12 months since graduation. Well, I guess its more like the rest of me finally caught up with my hearing ability. Huh, menudo?
Stay cool and remember to take your Geritol Tans.