Monday, May 01, 2006


so it took a while, but great scott i found it!!! it all started in either january or february, when this horribly catchy/catchily horrible commercial began to take our precious commercial airtime. so, ladies and gentleman, i present you with one of the most terrible commercials known to man.

  • yeogi

  • to me, it just sounds like some 50s doo-wop kind of song, and sometimes i sing along to it with my own lyrics. then one day it hit me that these are actual words that this man is singing. i came to this realization when one of my students was singing the song in class one day. no, these aren't some sort of voodoo/witchcraft chant, these are real-life words, folks.

    oh and they eat it up over here. it isn't just some random actor in the commercial, it's (from what i hear) a big-time movie star, lee jun-gi. korean women actually consider him attractive over here, but to be honest, the first time this commercial invaded my commercial screen, my first thoughts were "who is this transvestite and why is he on my tv?" not that there's anything wrong with transvestites, but the whole commercial just seemed odd for korea if it was a transvestite singing to a room full of women. oh, and if you're wondering, the loose translation is "all the pretty girls drink pomegranate juice." sure man, you just keep singing your commercialistic prophecy.

    so, enjoy the commercial, and may god have mercy on your soul.


    Anonymous said...

    this god-forsaken commercial got stuck in my and amy's (coworker) head. it doesn't help that for some reason that guy remids me of YOUR amy from schaghticoke. i think his eyes look like hers for some reason. weird man, really weird.


    Sissy said...

    Soooo, like Arthur I say thanks a lot. Good grief - that was horrible. All the pretty girls drink that juice eh? I'm glad I didn't have to see that commerical randomly while I was there visiting. I come.......