Tuesday, June 06, 2006


today is korea's memorial day, so basically everyone has the day off. for us foreigners, it means another excuse for a lazy day. a rather large group of us got together last night for dinner at cin cin, basically for rika's "last supper." she's leaving this saturday, so we thought it'd be nice for us to do something for her. we ended up using alisun's video camera to tape each other at the table, telling our favorite "rika moments."

for the record, i talked about the first weekend we met and went to the chuseok festival for foreigners. she wanted to get her picture taken in hanbok (the traditional korean clothes) but wanted to get a real korean guy dressed up in the picture with her. so of course she chooses the most awkward 15 year old boy to wait with her in line just to get a picture for her. finally they get in the hanbok and she asked where he was from. this boy, who so graciously agreed to help her out and wait in line for so long, told her he was from china, to which rika responded "YOU'RE NOT EVEN KOREAN?" oh rika, we'll really miss you.

last night was a great night in general. those in attendance were alisun, melissa, rika, tom, pat, aaron, lucy, kevin, dp, robin, angela, jim, kelley, and colleen. imagine 14 people trying to cram into some tables pushed together. it was great. after that, we brought some drinks to a park and just sat outside, talking. it felt great because everyone was in a great mood and we reminisced about things we've done in our time here. i almost forgot how many things we've done and how many "moments" we've had here, and it made me that much more sentimental about leaving. fred just finished working last week at school and is going back to canada, so with him and rika leaving, i feel like the closing process is really beginning. it's all beginning to feel almost a little too "l'auberge espagnole."

anyway, after a while it was just down to me, al, tom, rika, aaron, jim, and kelley, and we decided we would sneak into a deserted building in the process of construction. from what we heard from people (and aaron had snuck in before) there's usually a guard on duty, so we had to be quiet. so, the building is about 40 floors, and we climbed up to the top and sat up on the roof for a while looking over the city. it was awesome because we were definitely in one of the higher buildings in the city so we could see a lot.

(sorry it's a bit fuzzy, but at least you can pretend to see how awesome the view really was.)
it was a late night for me, and i ended up getting back at 4:30 am. haven't done that in a long time.

so today is 6-6-6 and melissa and i fittingly went to see the omen. it was good creepy fun. the theater was packed and there were a lot of "make you jump" moments. the first moment i wasn't really expecting, and i made a very unnatural noise and almost jumped right into melissa. unfortunately she did the same thing and we ended up hitting faces. and that spawned a giggling fit... one of those "silent chuckles" moment where i really had to work to hold it in or i would completely lose it, and i didn't really think being in the audience of the omen was a hospitable environment for a full-out laugh attack.

what else? the past weekend was also fun. it's nice to be able to get out again. i went out on friday, and dragged pretty much the whole gang with me because my co-worker had a friend who was opening a club and wanted as many people there as possible. and when i say "as many people" i really mean they needed people there. period. because when alisun, rika, and i showed up there was NO ONE which was a shame, really, because the djs were really good.

yep, me and al are the only ones on the dance floor.

thankfully, everyone met us there so it ended up being tons of fun.

kevin even got some extra loving. i'm thinking from now on he's going to demand that people call him charlie.

on saturday i went out with jim, fred, zolst.

(zolst, fred, jim)

first we met at weisenhaus, a brewery for a dinner buffet. pretty good deal- 15,000 won all you can eat and drink, and they had a decent buffet and three kinds of beer, one of which was really good and dark. i think the last time i had dark beer was back in july. almost forgot what it tasted like. after that we went bowling, and i shamed them all. and by "shamed them all" i mean by the third game i had a new all-time low score in the 20s. how's that for awesome.

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