Thursday, June 01, 2006

two seconds later

my blood is still BOILING and i don't want to but i'm so PISSED about this that i can't just stop and not even try to put up what i was working on.

i still feel the urge to swear up a storm *%&#$^@!!!

it just irks me that i was really taking the time to put up useful information, get the korean to go along with it (it's not easy typing it on my keyboard because obviously the characters aren't written on my keyboard and i have to use a separate window as a reference) i was working on putting up pictures when it just wouldn't do anything.

it's amazing how my mood can change... this original post started so positively. "i love june-august." talked about my trip last weekend to chungju, suanbo, and suwon.

f*ck it. i don't feel like writing it anymore.

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