Sunday, October 01, 2006

happy anniversary

as i was changing my calendar to october today, i realized something... wasn't it this time last year that i was united with a pipsqueak of a tan furball?

that's right, checking back at the date in my blog, it's been officially one year (taking the time difference into account) since i got kimchi.

it's funny to look back at those days now and think "wow, that was an entire year ago."

for those who may be wondering about kim-man's progress, i can safely tell you he's turned into a little shithead. he used to be very sweet (well most of the time), but he can't seem to find his alpha place living with two people and two dogs. he almost seems bipolar. he'll lay on your lap one second loving every second of contact, and the second you try to move him he turns into the spawn of satan (a new nickname which he has acquired since his us arrival). hopefully cesar gave celeste aka dog whisperer, jr. some good tips on dealing with pint-sized terrorists.

happy anniversary mr. kim. it's been a whirlwind of a year.

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