Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

it's hard to believe that a year ago i was dressed as tinkerbell, downing whiskey shots with my dad at j-rock. my, how time flies. also scary: i'll be 24 in two months.

in the updates department, i'm working at a borders cafe. i started last friday, and it feels good to have something to do other than work as my parents' house slave. the cafes are now run by seattle's best so it's a little different from the old borders cafe, but i think things run a lot more smoothly because of it. we also have a dress code: black or white "structured shirts" and khaki or black pants. as a result, i got some great buys at jcpenney today because most things were on clearance. because i refuse to wear khakis, i ended up with a ton of black clothes.

as a result of getting this job and the fact that kimchi isn't welcome in alisun's aunt's house, i decided that i won't be moving out to minneapolis until february. i'm ok with this because it means i'll be able to save more money and squeeze in a dc visit (although i'm sure most people down there refuse to believe that i'll ever get around to visiting... but i swear i will).

for halloween, i went to jeni's for game night. very halloweeny, i know. thanks to coinstar, i got $17 and used it to buy some frozen hannaford appetizers (spinach and feta in phyllo, cranberries and brie in phyllo, and bruschetta), and jeni made a scalloped potato soup. don't ask, it was good. matt showed up to surprise jude, which was good fun. after the feasting we played scattergories (finally!) and the friends trivia game. i schooled them in the latter game... and also got so overly-excited that i shoved jude while trying to beat her at answering a question. apparently i need to practice a little self-control.

anyway, i'm happy to say that i have tomorrow off. which, of course, means i have to clean the house. oh and lost is on tomorrow night. this will be episode five in the new season, which means after this one we have one episode left before they bring in repeats for a while. bitches.

happy halloween to all, and to all a good night.

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