Thursday, December 28, 2006

things that irk me

i'm talking about you, white haired man who comes in every day with THE SAME COUPON for a free dessert. i know technically we're not supposed to honor it day in and day out, but if we're gonna toss the food at the end of the night, there's no point in NOT honoring it. this guy drives me nuts. he had a coupon that expired on december 15th. the next day i thought "ahh i don't have to see him anymore." WRONG. turns out the old coupon was for his wife's birthday, and his birthday is right after, so the new one expires in ANOTHER fifteen days. luckily tomorrow is the last day i'll see him. i'm gonna draw the line if he brings in a daughter's birthday coupon. go away. don't TRY to be nice just to cover up the fact that you're a cheapskate. you're nothing short of a major annoyance. i will be glad i don't have to force a fake smile at you anymore.

i also hate sick days. i UNDERSTAND if you're truly sick. if you're puking or completely miserable or about to faint i understand. i think it's coming more from the viewpoint of a person who never gets sick and therefore never has a legit reason to do so. i just don't have it in me to take a day off (aside from that bout of tonsillitis, and that's because staying home sick was a compromise so i didn't have to spend a few nights terrified in a korean hospital.) all in all i suppose it's a blessing that i'm always (knock on wood) healthy.

in other news, i think i have a borders job lined up in minneapolis... two of the three requested stores got back to us, and one sounds very interested. keep those fingers crossed.


Sissy said...

wow - little grumpy when we wrote this were we?

Mom said...

Hehe, she's my daughter when she writes things like that.