Friday, March 02, 2007

do it all

oh, catholic university, i am teeming with pride. really, i had no idea that antonella barba is a fellow student. her best friend is, too. i just know how the school LOVES when their name is connected with controversial pictures and ideas. according to kate, the school was loving the free advertising until her pictures came out. i wonder what their reaction will be now.

i'm sure they'll react in the same crappy way they have with everything else controversial... pretend it never happened. remember when stanley tucci came to speak at the italian film fest? no? oh that's because he was DISinvited after it was found out that he indirectly supported the pro-choice movement.

really, i'm over it.

i was surprised though, upon getting an email from mr. burns which said (and i quote) "so did you know this skank antonella barba when you went to catholic?" i had absolutely no idea what he was talking about until kate emailed about her. i personally find it hilarious.

in other news, we were hit by a snow storm AGAIN. i ended up not even going in to work yesterday because keri called and said we were best off just shutting the store down. which was fine by me, but it got a little boring after a while, having no internet, radio, or tv. at least the book i'm reading is good.

i ended up coming in early to work because, as it turns out, my neighbor works at the moa too. she couldn't get her car out of the parking lot so i offered to drive her in. which worked out well because i ended up with time to get a french press, coffee, and use my computer. let's hope the store isn't completely dead. for the sake of my own sanity. it's been a slow week.

finally, i just found out that the police are coming here in july. that would be the third and final thing on my list of life goals to cross off. tickets go on sale monday. i'm there.

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