Monday, February 26, 2007


my neighbors are bastards. they put up a password on their wireless account AND somebody keeps parking in our spots, leaving us to the streets. which royally sucks when there are snow banks where our cars should be. now i have to resort to internet at cafes, which isn't too bad now that i have a car. though i can't download music and movies at my leisure anymore. at least i got the new modest mouse in time.

i have an extreme sugar high. after not eating, i found that i'm a bottomless pit again, and my rate of sugar consumption has skyrocketed. i already had split a scone and cranberry bread for breakfast and i'm eating a giant cookie as i type. and i might throw up any second from eating so much. i know these things are very important for you to know.

i lived through my first snowstorm of the year. seems i'd been dodging them, leaving new york and all, but winter finally caught up with me. it wasn't too bad, but the mall was completely dead on sunday and the day was really boring.

we did venture out on saturday night to go to the opening of the shamrock in st. paul. good ol' college fun... a classic rock cover band playing bar staples, wall to wall people, drunken girls stumbling out of the toilet stalls thinking everyone is either their new best friend of their worst enemy. oh man, that took me right back to my college days and going out with kate. she never failed to make the night interesting.

on the way back we decided to go to mickey's diner. i'd never heard of it, but apparently it's an important st. paul landmark, as seen in the classic film "the mighty ducks." hence, the quacking. small, cozy, and greasy. perfection.

in the parental update department, my mom ended up throwing up on the plane ride to austin. though i'm glad it didn't happen to me and it sucks that it happened, you have to admit it makes for a funny story. she ended up feeling a lot better (sooner than i did even) and enjoyed the visit with amber.

still waiting for my hamline application to be 100% complete. i shot an email to mr. burns asking when i could expect his letter of recommendation to be sent, because that's all i need. he responded by saying he sent one the week i asked for it. which means hamline never got it. i hope he gets it sent again soon, because i'm getting kind of anxious to see what's going to happen with everything.

my mind is completely melting. i think it's time to check out of bob's java hut.

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