Sunday, February 04, 2007

feeling good

...even if i am feeling bad.

i'll say it again. i love that my living room is barren. i love that if you open the refrigerator you'll only find hummus, soy milk, oj, jarred middle eastern mixed veggies, pita bread, and leftover soup. i love that half of my clothes are hung in the closet, because i could only afford that many hangers. and that the rest of my clothes are nicely folded on the floor next to the closet. i love that my only piece of furniture currently is my aerobed, which gets quite uncomfortable after a while, resulting in me leaning against the radiator covering myself with a borrowed quilt.

i'm honestly not complaining. no matter how little i have, it feels good to be in my own place.

yesterday i boldly downloaded the devil wears prada and the latest office for my viewing pleasure. the devil wears prada should never be mentioned again, aside from the killer clothes worn in said movie. salsa picked me up in the afternoon and we went to the p.b.loco headquarters so i could fill out employment forms and salsa could do a quick training for something. the funny part is they're very secretive about what goes on in their headquarters, so only the founders and people working at the headquarters (c'mon that's just a fun word to say) are allowed in the room. i had to sit in the room next door. mind you this is a factory building, so there was little to no heat and i kept my jacket on while filling out my w-4's and such.

after that we thrifted around a bit, hoping to score an awesome $3 dresser. it was getting late so only one goodwill was open. as a compromise i got an awesome $3 hanging shelf/coat rack. with some good paint it will look great hanging in my room, serving as a shelf/necklace holder.

made a quick stop at target apres goodwill where i got a few basics i couldn't get at the co-op: 98 cent wine glasses (we had to get them because we got a bottle of wine to split back at the apartment. speaking of which, i have a newfound love for yellow tail shiraz/cabernet blend. god bless you and your seven dollar ways. i also got a shower curtain liner, which made for a very successful splash-free shower this morning. and three sets of eight hangers. and they were lime green, my favorite home decor color.

famished, we headed over to holy land deli and split the vegetarian sampler. i also picked up some pita bread and mixed veggies to satiate aforementioned fridge. for a $9 meal, we were very content (and it's vegan-friendly). we even brought home some leftovers that we devoured after the wine.

the plan for the night was to watch volver, which i attempted to download, but that never happened because it's still downloading as we speak. it's ok, almodovar, i will wait until you are ready.

the cold i caught at the beginning of the week seems to be declaring war on my body. i surprised myself by sleeping until nearly nine am, even though i went to bed at eleven the night before.

in about an hour i am looking at an apartment with salsa. because nyc teaching fellows didn't work out for her, she thinks she might just stick around here and wants her own place. after that we're going to her brother's for his superbowl party. that might be funny to hang out with a bunch of brawny married 30-somethings. i'm wearing a dress and we're bringing wine for the celebration. i am sure we will fit right in.

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Anonymous said...

(best animal voice Arthur can muster up)
yo... work distractions are very welcome, so write something new.
oh ps, theres a traditional building conference in St. Paul in October, is that near you?
pps just got a new CSNY LP, its 4 way street live. wish you could be here for loafing and listening.