Friday, February 16, 2007

short update

thanks arthur for nagging me into an update. not much has changed from when i first got here. i still feel very new to the city mainly because i don't have a car and feel like a hostage in my apartment when i'm not working. alisun still hasn't moved in yet, but she and chris are on their way now to bring some stuff and some beer (bless their hearts, i really need one). she's got most of her things here, but it's quite the process moving out of her aunt's house between cleaning and organizing (and i'm not sure organizing in a timely fashion is exactly her strong suit). we also have a table and a couch. boy were they ordeals to get into the apartment. thanks to everyone who volunteered their resources and minivans for that. i also have a nice dresser i acquired from the salvation army. i lucked out on this one because it's quite nice. my room is definitely looking more roomy now because of it.

works getting better, i'm getting more comfortable with my role as manager and increasing sales. and by "more comfortable" i mean i actually know what my sales goals are, which is a big help.

my parents, weather-permitting, are due to arrive in the twin cities on sunday. they'll be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, so wish them luck on their travels. my mom's having back pain right now, too. i'm sure a twenty hour car ride is EXACTLY the remedy.

no huge plans for when they come. i have sunday-tuesday off. we'll hit up the moa i'm sure at least once, dine at the french meadow because i'm in love, and perhaps check out famous daves and other tourist attractions. i'm certain they'll want to see the mary tyler moore statue, too (which i saw for the first time last week when i went downtown for the first time).

speaking of downtown, i went there to go to borders to use up my $50 gift card. i only got to order a soy latte before salsa scooped me up in her car for bloody marys. so i still have $48 left, which i intend on using soon. i think i heard/saw the manager who scolded me via phone there, too. i could recognize that voice anywhere. pure evil.

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