Friday, February 02, 2007

happy 120!

according to my post counter, this is my 120th blog. how am i celebrating?

by sitting in my brand-spankin'-new apartment!

i moved (correction, alisun moved) myself into the apartment today. al probably won't be moving herself in for a while because she's got a lot on her plate with work and figuring out how to move everything here. it was a bit easier in my case because i have only two suitcases and the rest will be in transit in a few weeks.

i will put pictures up as soon as i can, but it will probably be a while because
1) i need a new memory card for my camera
2) i left my cable cord home in ny and i refuse to buy a new one here.

the apartment is sparse, to say the least, but it feels fantastic to be in my own place. plus i'm no longer at the mercy of having someone drive me around, which was the case at al's aunt's house. at the moment i am on an aerobed borrowed from chris' parents, blogging away with my free wireless (god bless whichever neighbor got that hooked up because i'm getting a strong signal.)

i also got to stop at the wedge (the co-op) to pick up just a few basics for fuel. al and i are going vegan this month, which is i've found to be surprisingly easy, aside from the moment of stupidity we experienced yesterday walking into a gas station thinking we'd be able to get a snack there. not so much. also, thank god french meadow makes incredible vegan food. it's only been two days, though. we'll see how i feel about it a week from now.

perhaps the most exciting news is that i got an awesome job. i am now the manager of p.b.loco cafe. in the mall of america. how hilarious is that? salsa works for the company in st. paul and put in a good word for me. i went today to meet keri, one of the owners, and the job was mine. i'm really excited about this because i think it will be a great company to work for (read: not crazy corporate). how can you go wrong with a job where they give you a sandwich to eat during the interview? and it was GOOD. curry peanut butter, pickles, and potato chips. anyway it's still a rather new company that's trying to get its name out there. they've gotten awfully close. they were going to be featured on oprah's favorite things but they discontinued the favorite things altogether. so for me this means that i'll be able to be involved with them because it's a small company and they want as much creative input as possible which means i'll get to do promotions and recipes up the wazoo.

so i start monday. which meant i had to call borders to let them know that i wouldn't be coming in. that was AWKWARD and i ended up feeling like a scolded child. i talked to the store manager and after apologizing profusely and telling her why i wouldn't be coming on board, she gave me a long pause and said slowly "oookayyy..." as if that wasn't uncomfortable enough, she took it to the "we weighed a lot of decisions based on this. i just had to voice that." i said that was fair, said i was sorry again, and then thanked her. after i hung up though, i thought maybe that wasn't so fair of her to say. i'm glad i won't be working for her. seriously, borders is a freakin' corporation and they can't get mad if a better opportunity presents itself for somebody. especially since this job was just a regular cafe position. most people in my shoes would have taken this manager job, but not everybody would have called to say they were sorry they wouldn't be able to work for people they haven't even met yet. that's what i get for being a good citizen. if it was somebody else, borders might have just had a no show come monday. now THAT would have been a problem.

i should probably head to bed now. i really need to catch up on sleep, i haven't been getting an exorbitant amount lately. but it has been fun, going to see shows and such. and it's such a great community to be in because all of the musicians know each other and they aren't pretentious and don't give off the vibe that they're doing it just to show off.

if you're looking for some fun, go to

how can you tell me working for them won't be fun?

ok enough rambling, time for sleep.

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