Monday, January 29, 2007

throwing my hat in the air

i'm here in minneapolis. at bob's java hut. sitting in front of the window all the way at the end. do you see me?


so minneapolis is great so far. i'm in love with the fact that i'm in love with every restaurant/cafe/shop i've stepped foot into thus far. i'm also applying to a few cafes and such because i need a new job. i don't want to work six hour days at a downtown borders fully of smelly shopping cart people. i love borders. but not that much. i'm supposed to start a week from today, i'm hoping i'll find something else soon so i can call them and let them know i may or may not be working there full-time.

what have i done so far? al and salsa picked me up on saturday, we stopped to get lunch at al's work and brought it back to her aunt's house. it was delicious. i took kimchi outside and discovered he's a pathetic hunkered-down-legs-slipping-out-from-under-him-ice cube if he has to walk on snow or ice. i finally found a patch of dirt, so he no longer stands there shaking and alternatively picking up his back legs so they don't freeze.

it's not even that much colder than nueva york, the ground is just more snowy and icy.

saturday night we went to grumpy's, a bar, and had bloody marys before going to a club to see al's coworker play in his band. they were pretty good and the place was pretty full. after that we considered going to see redman because we had free tickets, but decided we were too tired and headed back.

yesterday i met salsa at muddy waters and we sat at our computers mooching off of the wireless internet and drinking coffee. after that we went down the street to al's work and mooched for food, coffee, wine, and a chili chocolate truffle.

today al and i went to chris' for lunch and finally got to meet the beloved pooch nino. then i met salsa here and FINISHED MY GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATION. hooray! i really hope that this goes through all fine and dandy, because i just want the closure to know yes, i'm getting my masters, and yes, there will be a career at the end of the tunnel.

that is all.

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Anonymous said...

take some pictures... i want to see your new digs.