Friday, January 26, 2007

what am i doing?!

i don't know why i'm taking the time to write this, but i figured this might be the last time for a while, at least until i get all situated.

i'm in the midst of packing... aka a mad rush trying to figure out how to get everything organized, considering all i can really take with me are two suitcases of clothes. i have to get everything else packed up so my parents can just throw them in the car when they drive out to see me.

took kimchi to the vet today to get his health certificate to fly. seemed just like old times, except i could actually converse with the vets there.

i got together with everyone last night, jude even made a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting decorated as a crying face. it was awesome. we also ate a ton of artichoke dip, cheese, triscuits, and a stick of french bread. the french bread, which i refuse to call a baguette, was disappointing. much too soft. damn you, hannaford french bread!

and a final note, i am in the application process for hamline university in st. paul. i started looking at schools other than the u of m and discovered hamline, the number one rated school in minnesota, is much cheaper than the u even if you are a resident. so i'm just going to go for it. i requested the transcripts, my letters of recommendation are being written, and the application form is filled out. all that is left is my essay, which i already have a very rough first draft of.

i'm actually very excited about this program. part of the requirement is either two years of a high school second language or one year at a university. that was very exciting considering i took four years of french that will actually count for something. i found it amusing that i needed my high school transcript to get into grad school. but man i can't wait to study french again.

i also realized that after i graduate, maybe i'll take my degree and move to france to teach english there. that would be simply amazing.

i don't want to get too ahead of myself, considering i haven't even been accepted. keep your fingers crossed.

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