Monday, January 15, 2007


the time is just past 8 am. why am i not at work? as i write, the streets of schaghticoke are covered with ice. my mom woke me up a little before my alarm went off at 6 and said i was best off not driving in. we were going to carpool, but dr. gleason told her not to come in until 11:30/12. i spent the first hour and a half of the morning trying to find another number for borders because they don't answer the regular number in the morning. finally i was able to get through at 7:30-ish by randomly hitting numbers after dialing the regular number. genius! i told them there was no way i could drive in today, but my mom might be going into clifton park later today so for now i was calling out but i might come in later. they said ok, and call later if i was going to come in. i'll probably just end up staying here because really i never call in (see previous post) and i slept like crap last night, which brings me to my next topic:

the move. things are slowly coming together. the past week or two have been full of questions such as "how am i really going to get there?," "who is going to drive with me?," and "are we really going to find an apartment for february 1?" plans that i never bothered writing about have been changing left and right, but this is the (seemingly) final one. i bought a plane ticket to fly to minneapolis on saturday january 27th. even kimchi made his reservations, and this time he gets to fly in cabin with me! i'll be getting in at 1:20 in the afternoon, just keep your fingers crossed that the weather allows that, considering i have a 1.5 hour layover in chicago. either celeste or my parents are going to drive my car out there later in february. none of us were keen on making the trip at this time of the year.

as for apartments, alisun looked at and fell in love with an apartment yesterday. and it has green walls! she said everything's nice and new and clean, and the landlord seems to be a good guy. though i haven't met him, he seemed quite nice in the email.

al called last night to give me her renting history so i could fill out and send in the online application. the problem with that was i had already been asleep for a few hours, so when i went back to bed, i couldn't fall asleep for another couple of hours. as a result, i slept like crap and i can feel my damn swollen lymph nodes when i swallow. oh how i love the lingering effects of mono. at least i have the day off to catch up on sleep and relax. and hopefully by tomorrow we'll know if the apartment is ours.

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