Saturday, January 20, 2007

such a sap

some things never change. old yeller was on tv and i watched it for the first time in probably ten to fifteen years. still get teary eyed.

i'm at celeste's now, waiting for her to get home from class so we can go to diane's and have "christmas" all together. celeste and i traded presents last night because we couldn't wait. she and chris got me three months of netflix, three movies at a time. super exciting. it's also super exciting that i'm going to have a roommate again who can also get excited over things like that. i got celeste the first season of 21 jump street on dvd and little miss sunshine. i'm such a great sister.

other than that, what are your thoughts about training to be a court stenographer? they make anywhere from $17.95-28.40 an hour. i've always been a great typist and i didn't win the outstanding student award in my high school typing class for nothing. seriously though, it's something to consider. especially considering i just got my hours at the borders store i'm transferring to and i'm only getting six hours a day. something is telling me it's time to look for a better job.

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