Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ow my body

note to self:

you are a stupid girl. if you go out when you are sick, you will only get sicker. you are not eighteen anymore. or even twenty-four. don't make me warn you again.

on that note, this weekend was oodles of excitement. or something close to it. amy and mike got in on saturday afternoon. i dragged them first to macy's (naturally, why would they want to go anywhere else?) to get a gift for debbie's wedding shower. hello, marth stewart spice rack.

we ate dinner in koreatown, where mike experienced korean food and sake for the first time. happily, i think he enjoyed both. that night we went to crocodile lounge, where high school colin works (and was shocked to see amy in his territory). we ate pizza, consumed beer, and decided it was too crowded to stay. also, amy just wanted to dance.

i google texted the nearest karaoke bar and we were off in the direction of sing sing karaoke. convinced i could actually get amy to sing, i requested a few tried and true songs. she rejected them all, which left me stuck on duetting on summer nights with the karaoke bogart guy sitting next to me. mike was a trooper, though, and sang all songs that i demanded.

somehow i managed to be in bed by 4am, a record thus far. sunday morning i was up bright and early, minus one voice, traveling the long island railroad to debbie's shower. i will not mention the fact that lesley DITCHED ME at penn station and i went all by my lonesome. damn you, lesley's boyfriend, for thinking sunday morning is a perfectly reasonable time to drive down to the city and surprise her.

the rest of the day was filled with chinese food, movie trivia, chinese food, phil trivia, chinese food, presents, cake, and chinese food. when i got home i somehow had enough room left to order food from saje with amy and mike.

i finally got around to eating at the spotted pig on monday. definitely worth the long wait.

and, alas, my company stayed an extra night because amy's car was towed. bummer, but i was happy to have people around for an extra day. to keep amy upbeat, and to atone for the fact that we didn't go out the night before, we downed some drinks and headed out once again. my expectations for the night were exceeded with a two-hour noraebang song fest. amy channeled her inner diva and did not put the mic down once.

after my own personal body smackdown, i'm pretty sure i got me some laryngitis. it's been a fun past couple of days, but my body disagrees.

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Amy said...

i do have an inner diva! who knew.