Monday, February 25, 2008

nicessness and ramblings

first of all, i want to be him. it's been a while since i watched this, and i happened upon it the other day. if i could have one job in the world, it would be that (is it even a job?)

i became very excited for spring today. for the most part, i detest february and march and wish it would skip right from valentine's day to prime spring weather. today was on the warm side, and the smells of streetcar barbeque invaded my senses while i was out walking. i'm definitely yearning for the days of no jackets, cook outs, and beach trips.

on the other hand, i'm really sad that i won't have a yard to sleep in whenever i please this year. that's one point for you, minneapolis.

i also realized it has been eons since i last ran. it's time to get my ass into gear. prospect park is about the same size as lake calhoun. what have i been waiting for???

resolutions: i will save enough money to buy a grill AND i will start running this week.

spring awakenings, indeed.

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