Monday, March 03, 2008

i <3 mpls

this day was just destined to be awesome. i stopped by the little market on my way to work this morning to get my cheap ass coffee. i also wanted to pick up some breakfast because it's monday, which means the restaurant is closed and i'm left to fend for myself.

turns out the little deli inside had lox, which made my stomach do a dance in anticipation. for all those who are counting, a bagel with lox and cream cheese is the way to win my taste buds, which indirectly leads to my heart.

that in itself was enough for my monday to be successful. imagine my surprise when miss salsa called from the great mn asking if i wanted to come to minneapolis this weekend. thinking we were playing a game and she wasn't enjoying her stay, i said "of course, if you pay for my plane ticket."

and who's got a free trip to mpls? this girl!

good ol' p.b.loco is short handed for the minneapolis trade show, so salsa and i will single-handedly rule the roost and force peanut butter onto the palates of unsuspecting consumers. it will be a short stay (friday night-sunday)... of course i am excited to see alisun and erik, but i think what i'm most excited about is THE APARTMENT. i'm staying there whether they like it or not. it was a great apartment. i miss it. fin.

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