Thursday, March 13, 2008


packing, packing, and more packing.

minneapolis was exhausting. and fun. and boring. wait, i'm confusing myself.

after getting majorly messed up on sleep last weekend, i think my body has finally caught up with things. loss of sleep started thursday night-- i was sent by my boss to one of his bars to do some bar spotting. because it just so happened to be a gay bar, i dragged jude with me, along with the guy i mentioned before (how's that for a second date?) we were totally busted when i walked in and the bartender and i looked at each other and asked simultaneously, "what are you doing here?" as it turns out, he works at both the gay bar and the restaurant i work from. knowing there was no way i could do a fair report (not to mention he found out why i was there), we decided to just stay and have drinks. to sum up the night: i drank a lot, stayed out too late, and i'm not interested in pursuing a third date.

after only three hours of sleep, i was already off to a rocky start to the weekend (and work day). imagine my delight when my 9:30 pm flight was rescheduled to 11 pm! not only that, we didn't board until after 11, and we were then stuck on the runway until 12:15.

thankfully, erik picked me up at 2 am when i finally reached minnesota turf. the good old apartment couch was a beautiful sight to behold, and i slept soundly until salsa picked me up for day one of the gift show battle.

ok, "battle" isn't exactly the right terminology. long story short, the day was long and uneventful. and cold and snowy.

we met al, chris, and erik for dinner that night at wasabi. delicious.

salsa peaced out to get some sleep like a good little girl, and we ended up meeting alex and two of his friends at a game bar. caution: do not play balderdash if you aren't really in the mood to think. it can be painful. aside from that, the game was a blast.

not a lot of sleep was followed by another day at the show was followed by my flight home. end of trip.

and so, on this fine thursday evening, i've packed yet again to go home for the weekend. on the schedule: the st. patrick's day parade, starring the schenectady pipe band, and some bar hopping.

but the travels don't stop there, folks. erik is vising a week from friday, and it's his first trip to the city. too bad we've got to skedaddle to get out of the way of salsa's visiting family. i managed to get the day off, so we'll do a bit of sight seeing and then head down to visit katherine in philly. i'm sure we'll end up drinking wine and watching flight of the conchords. and all will be well.

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