Sunday, October 30, 2005

fooled you!

so, i'm sure some of the people reading this post right now are the good ol' folks that work with my mom at dr. gleason's office. from what i hear, she pretty much forced you poor people to check my blog while they are visiting to see all of their misadventures in pictures-on-blog form. what you don't realize was that they failed to communicate with each other properly and ventured all the way to camera minus one camera usb cable. what is this, a center for dopes? how do you expect them to see the pictures when they can't even fit on the computer? we tried using my useless cable, but apparently samsung and canon aren't quite compatible. so there will be no pictures until they return home. hey, at least they remembered their camera!

i tried suggesting they buy me a new digital camera so we could keep the blog picture updates going, but i'm not so sure they were willing to throw down 2-4 hundred dollars just for instant gratification. shame on them for shattering your korean-whereabouts-knowledge dreams... and denying me a free digital camera.

so what about their punishment? we didn't go out to j-rock for the halloween party until about 12:30 am... and didn't leave the second bar (watermelon sugar) to head back until about 4 am. i just really wanted to make them feel young at heart. it worked, they did have a good time. and my mother even yelled at the guy who thought i was a whore.

today we went shopping in old-downtown, where they experienced sensory overload- lots of people, loud music in stores, mass amounts of shops/goods, and some really hot gojuchang in the bibimbap we ate to boot.

that is it for now, thank you and have a nice day.

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