Sunday, October 16, 2005

forever purple...

so this has turned out to be a very fun, refreshing weekend. friday night i went to j-rock. nothing too exciting happened but it was still fun nonetheless. melissa, alisun's best friend from home, just got into korea this week for the year. turns out she lives right down the road from me so we're both happy to have someone to travel with when meeting people. kind of sucked before because i lived in a different part of town from everyone else so had to taxi it alone when we were going out. i find it very funny that she looks A LOT like lesley... even her clothes and jewelry are the same. she's just a bit taller.

so saturday i went downtown with alisun and melissa. we spent more time than we should have at the second floor counter/window in starbucks, engrossed in watching a street dance group. it was by far the most entertaining couple of hours i've had so far here not because the group was particularly good, 2 of them were really good and the rest were decent, but there were a few that looked like they just decided to join today- one we called harry potter because he seriously looked like harry's korean twin. he had a flannel shirt and could bust some killer "moves," it was pretty hilarious. we did some shopping, and ended up at the dollar store where i got some stuff i'd never gotten around to getting, like a wine glass (alisun thought it was funny that i only bought one), some tape, extra hangers, two really cool belts, and a sewing kit. now i can finally fix the hem on my black pants and wear them. that will be a nice addition to my school clothes. saturday night i went to the movies with alisun, melissa, jay, and pat. we saw four brothers. in case you were thinking of going to see it, don't waste your money. we were pretty much the only ones in the theater because i think it was around 12:30 am... and we were definitely laughing at some parts you probably aren't supposed to laugh at. sorry, i just can't take the "ghost mom memory" appearances all that seriously... especially when the last two lines of the movie are "oh, mom..." meanwhile the rest of the movie is just bloodshed left and right.

today i went with alisun, pat, and melissa to the daejeon citizen's soccer game at the world cup stadium. it was a lot of fun. pat and i got scarves- i'm going to hang mine as a banner. they also gave us free flags that doubled as horns. awesome. the motto of the team must be "forever purple" because it was written on both the scarves and the flags. although the scarves and flags were pink (see picture). and the team was wearing pink shirts. so why it's "forever purple" is beyond me. just must be one of those colors lost in translation. we saw some foreigners we knew, kind of funny how you can randomly run into just about anyone in korea. no one won the game- score was 0-0, but it was still nice to get out and see a sports event. plus, on the way out they were giving everyone free 360 ml bottles of soju. are you kidding me?! no way could you get away with handing out free bottles of liquor in america to whoever passes through the gate. and it's a pretty good-sized bottle. in case you were wondering, there are no laws about drinking alcohol in public, so you can really sit anywhere you please and drink. see a cop? odds are you probably won't because they don't exactly have a huge presence here, but in case you do, just offer him a swig from your bottle. they also have tables outside of convenience stores where you can just sit and drink beer or soju or whatever you want, really. we thought it was pretty funny to be walking around the streets each with our own bottle of soju in tow, although we weren't drinking it.

after the game we went for some bbq. it was nice and relaxing, and we spent a good amount of the time laughing at just really stupid stuff that at any other time wouldn't be all that funny... like the wayne's world quote "if benjamin were an ice cream flavor... he'd be pralines... and dick" and the fact that pat had 50 million id/membership cards and he looks like a completely different person in each picture... i'm not kidding you, it's bourne identity-style, like he's running from the law. it was just one of those slap-happy weekends where everything just seemed especially funny even without the presence of alcohol. good times had by all.

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