Saturday, October 15, 2005

long overdue

well i haven't been too good lately with the updates. in my defense, i wrote the worlds biggest blog entry last week and then my computer froze right when i was about to post it. made me so frustrated that i took a bit of a break from the blog world. had no desire to try and remember everything and make a new entry.

so, what to write what to write. my parents are visiting in two weeks! so exciting! really, korea isn't much of a tourist attraction, and considering i have to work while they're here, i'm not sure how they'll be entertained during the week. although they will be here for halloween. good times.

kimchi update: he is doing well now, but he had his ups and downs last week- long story short, took him next door to the vet (turns out he speaks english, very cool) because i suspected worms. i was right, it was coccidia, normal puppy stuff, fully expecting that, but i also wanted his hacking checked out, the vet told me it was pneumonia and suggested that because it's such a big thing in an animal that young and small that i would be best off returning him for either a refund or another puppy. wasn't expecting that, but i figured he was right and couldn't bear the thought of getting another puppy from there, so he called the shop for me to ask about a refund (i hate that word, makes it sound so cold, considering this is a living animal that i had gotten quite attached to). the pet shop said to bring him in and they'd take care of him- thought that was sketchy at first, but it turned out they meant they'd take him to the vet next door and take care of the cost for me. luckily, the pneumonia (if that's even what it was) must have been caught very early because i was able to bring him home with me. he got a shot and some syrup i had to give him for 4 days, and he started getting better right away. i had to bring him back again for a checkup, and then we got the normal puppy checkup done- for anyone considering getting a dog here and worrying about the vet costs- he got the normal puppy shots/ear cleaning/nail trimming and it was surprisingly cheap- came to 27,000 won. i had no idea how korea would price these things so i was pleasantly surprised. so kimchi is doing quite well- now that he has no ailments he's quite the handful. still not a terrible puppy, but has a LOT more energy now, always wants to play. he's doing very well with the sit and come commands.

ok what else is new. not much. having a dog makes my downtime so much more enjoyable. i've been watching a lot of movies on my computer lately, i download one, come home from work, watch it, delete it, download another. pretty good system. i currently have monster-in-law waiting for me. i've also gotten into watching my name is earl and the office. everyone raves about how funny steve carell is. yeah he's funny, but i think the rest of the cast is ten times funnier because they're so normal but just come up with the funniest things you wouldn't expect. i'm now a big fan of john krasinski, i think he's great... but is anyone else confused with b.j. novak's character? he's a regular cast member, but hasn't done much yet- coming from the punk'd background, i thought he'd have a better storyline and be a lot funnier. kind of disappointing that so far the only humor with him comes from the fact that the boss treats him like an intern, and that's the situation that's funny, not the actual character.

ok gotta stop being a critic and get ready. gonna go shopping today downtown, pretty exciting.

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