Friday, September 28, 2007

c'mon life...

this blog's previous post was definitely of the "high on life" variety. today i'm feeling a bit more helpless and am just waiting for everything to come together... or at least flash forward a week when i will have the first few days of my job over and done with and a place of my own to stay.

we're trying to negotiate rent, and i found out yesterday that the apartment won't be ready for move in until the following weekend because of renovations. not to mention the fact that we still haven't gotten an ok for the lease. thinking "ok, i'll find someone to stay with in the meantime," i asked lesley if i could stay with her for a few days and possibly someone else for the rest of the week. lesley won't be home and will be busy with auditions at the beginning of the week. i'm still waiting to hear back from other people.

all the while, i still hadn't heard anything about the clearance of my background check for work. i emailed my supervisor to see if we were still planning on monday as the start date and she told me to call the employment company. i called them and they said it could possibly be cleared later today, but definitely by monnday so she suggested a tuesday start date.

so this leaves me at starting my job on tuesday and still no place to stay at during the beginning of the week. on the positive side, at least i have an extra day to figure everything out. but, i'm sitting here stressed on a friday night and there's not a damn thing i can do about it until i hear from all parties involved.

perhaps someday i will be enjoying my new job in my own apartment. until then i will wallow in my sorrows with an ice cold magic hat.

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