Sunday, September 16, 2007

i want to be a part of it

so far my time has been, to say the least, busy. i think i've actually been in my house for a total of five days. not having any down time really puts a strain on new york planning.

mentally, i'm consumed by three and only three things: selling my car, finding a job, and finding an apartment. i feel like i'm finally getting closer to two of the three - as luck would have it, jeni and joe decided to buy my car, but it will be even nicer to have that check in my account. i must have patience, as they are paying me this week. i am heading down to the city tomorrow night where i will crash at lesley's (who i haven't seen in over a year) for a job interview tuesday morning. keep your fingers crossed, it's for a paid internship with a magazine, which is my dream job. i've probably jinxed myself by mentioning it on here, but i'm still hopeful.

as for the apartment, we're still trying to figure it out. melissa, jude, and i are going to live together, but finding an apartment when you're not in the city is tricky. especially when most posted apartments are available immediately and we're looking for a lease starting in october. jude and i went kind of for fun, kind of to look around, last monday to no avail. we did find a decent one, but bedford-stuyvesant isn't exactly the ideal location.

as for the rest of life, i've been in and out of schaghticoke quite a bit. i came back today from a trip to horseheads, where i took a wine tour in the finger lakes. it was pretty awesome, and i didn't realize how many wineries there really are in that area. we only made it to five on seneca lake before we'd had our fill and had a considerable dent in our wallets. it might just be a little life-long mission of mine to visit every winery on the lakes.

for now, i must relax before my big day tomorrow: looking up directions, making sure everything for my trip is in order, and getting a new outfit that says "you must hire me." much luck is needed.

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