Monday, April 09, 2007

happy easter

even if it's a day late, happy easter. i had a surprisingly pleasant one. it helps when i don't really think about what i'm doing on holidays until the day comes. that way there are no expectations to live up to.

the mall was fairly busy on saturday, but for some reason p.b.loco wasn't, aside from a few rushes. thus, a nice, stress-free day. after that i took the liberty of getting a new outfit to go straight to an easter vigil mass. sunday morning alisun and i got up bright and early to pick up greg and surprise mike, who is a choir director/organ player, at his easter service. it ended up being a bit different than we were expecting. for some reason i thought we were going to a big baptist or evangelical service, but it was episcopalian and very quiet.

after that alisun and i stopped at the wedge to get some cheese and bread to take to her mom's for an easter lunch/dinner. i finally got to meet al's famous grandmother, who was pretty damn funny. it was a bit too much seeing al's whole family together. when you get used to one person's mannerisms, it's always funny to see them in their family setting and realize there's an entire group of people EXACTLY the same.

time was limited because al had to work, so we set out at 3:30. i came home, made some family phone calls, and then met salsa and her friend andrew for wine at the french meadow. somehow during that time i consumed an entire sesame salad, a glass of wine, and half a beer. and this was on top of the feast i just had at al's.

i hung around there until greg got off, where we went to yet ANOTHER easter dinner, this one prepared by mike. and it was amazing. the french meadow desserts we brought didn't hurt either. after a lot of games of guitar hero and some random japanese drumming game, we peaced out at 2:15-ish. and i slept, my little stomach full of easter goodness and my little mind dreaming of cadbury cream eggs.


Amy said...

i hope the random japanese drumming game was taiko no tatsujin!

Anonymous said...

you need to see this... size clearly matters (sorry to use this overused inuendo).
something needs to be done about this, STAT.

a fellow cadbury egg fan,
your buddy arthur