Wednesday, April 04, 2007

je gagne

i win at life... or shopping. i took my $75 federal tax refund (big money) and invested it wisely. with it i got:
1) an awesome bedside lamp
2) a ridiculous skull-and-crossbones-pirate-motif lamp shade
3) a bathroom rug
4) a shower curtain
5) a coffee maker
6) coffee
7) coffee filters
8) light bulbs
9) a pillow for the couch
10) a shower curtain rod
11) a mirror
12) a bathroom garbage can

"why tanya," you may be asking, "how on earth did you get such great deals?"

thrifting, i tell you. there's a pretty cool salvation army here that sells overstock/past season/sample target items, so i got a good deal there. to be fair, the shower curtain, rug, and rod were from the real target and the coffee was from t.j.maxx. alisun went in on a few items, as well. but even the people at the second salvation army were impressed with the coffee maker and mirror still in original packaging that i found for $12.

i'm beginning to feel much more content with the apartment. we're slowly adding pieces of furniture. not all pictures are hung, we still have a way to go with decorating, and we need to paint the table and chairs and some other furniture. but at least the bathroom is good now.

i should probably go now and rearrange my room a bit. i never really liked the way i hung my pictures, and i have a few more to put up, so that should keep me busy until american idol starts.

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