Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh camera, i miss you

if anyone has been reading this regularly (i know i have a huge fan base out there), it has probably been noted that there is an overall lack of pictures, pretty much since the summer. part of me keeps this blog going to preserve memories, because i really enjoy looking back on what i was doing a year ago and thinking "oh, what a great time." pictures are even better because they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

i still have my camera, but for some reason i'm seriously unmotivated to get a new memory card for it. the contents of the card that i had all along were erased sometime after my cape cod vacation, and i wasn't able to take pictures on it anymore. i never quite figured out what happened. i religiously cleared the card after uploading the pictures on my computer. that is, aside from the videos i took on it. long story short, i lost some good videos, including the one on rika's last night where i sat with her, kevin, and tom, in the back of a taxi and "walk on the wild side" miraculously played on the radio and we all jammed to it. and i know it isn't that difficult to buy a new memory card, but for some reason i never do it. all in all, a lot of memories have been created, especially of late, that i wish were caught on film.

pay day is tomorrow. maybe i'll find myself on my day off actually putting forth that effort so i'll be able to take pictures of minneapolis life to share with everyone.

life has been enjoyable this past week. the weather has been fantastic, so i've been able to get out a lot. like today, for example, when al and i went to greg and mike's to have an impromptu brunch- waffles, salad of the fruit and veggie varieties, and hash browns. all before i rolled on over to p.b.loco for a closing shift. so i have tomorrow off and i find myself with three netflix selections: harold and maude, all about my mother, and venus beauty institute. i'm also hoping to hit up the weisman art museum to see that bob dylan exhibit i've been planning on seeing since february. it's sure to be a great day. maybe even a kodak moment.

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