Thursday, April 19, 2007

lucky #135

whew, this marks 135 post for me. honestly i wouldn't notice these things if it wasn't blatantly pointed out when i sign on.

it's GORGEOUS here in minneapolis. i almost feel guilty about the crappy ny weather they've been going through. my sister got a foot of snow on monday. funny because my monday morning was spent eating outside at a raw restaurant, working on a sunburn. for the record, ecopolitan is an awesome place for feel-good food.

guess i'm in a good mood overall. it's amazing how weather can affect a person so much. i got out of work 2-3 hours early both yesterday and today, which meant it was still nice and sunny upon leaving and i got a good run in both days. plus i have tomorrow off, so the goodness just doesn't stop.

i just got back from going to pi, a gay bar, for karaoke night with al and mike. it was entertaining, to say the least. we got there pretty late due to navigational errors, so none of us had the time to sing. but that didn't stop us from consuming $3 cocktails, nachos, and tots,

side note: i have my first saturday off here, which is quite exciting. also exciting: sanjaya got the boot. sad part is i almost felt sorry for him. almost.

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