Wednesday, June 06, 2007

and continuing right along...

i am *trying* to relax right now by watching so you think you can dance. i get sharp pangs of nostalgia when i watch this because i was watching it last year in korea. in fact, this day last year, i vividly remember having a nice meal of kimchi jjigae and then meeting salsa to see the omen. after that we met al and walked around the park by her apartment. and the night before was rika's last meal, when we hiked that abandoned building. oh how simple life was.

strange note, i talked to salsa on the phone the other day, after her trip to ny. i told her about how at one point last sunday, while handing a customer a sandwich, a jolt rode through me and i thought specifically about how i'd be spending my sunday in korea, probably walking to emart to get cheese and wine, then meeting salsa or al for a movie or downloaded tv or a trip to the mountain or whatever we really felt like, and i missed it like no other time before. not to sound like we're reading too much into it, but i had mentioned it to al earlier and she said she got that same feeling on sunday, and even more strangely, salsa said she got it at a specific time on sunday on the plane. she thought about how she'd meet me at a corner to see a movie and maybe just wander around the city. i like to think some entity made us all feel that pang at the same time. a korean god, perhaps?

oh how i wish i could go back in time.

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passengersideview said...

Stop complaining already and just get back, no i hear the call, chewing on the same thoughts myself. actually i'm 90% certain i'm gonna be back at it in corea come october of this year.