Friday, June 22, 2007

new directions

today, june 22nd, marks the day that i put in my two weeks notice. in two weeks i may or not be a bum living on the streets, which is completely dependant on my finding a new job. overall, i'm feeling good about it. i wasn't passionate about the job like i should be. the mall isn't my kind of environment to work in, and it will be nice to not have to stress anymore over the things i shouldn't have to stress about in the first place... snooty customers, stolen money, missed shifts, etc., etc., etc...

i am thankful for how smooth the job made my transition to minnesota, and i still love the company, but it just isn't for me. i don't think i'll be getting the financial aid that i need for hamline, but in worrying over this i've come to the conclusion that i'm not so sure it would be worth throwing down thousands of dollars for a degree in something that isn't my life goal. i still love the idea of teaching esl, but i've said from day one that i don't think i would want to do it forever. i think the right path for me is to pursue journalism and get into the fields of publishing, copyediting, and eventually perhaps become a travel journalist. i desperately want to have our cookbook published and see where things go from there. i think leaving p.b.loco and pursuing journalism will open up doors to what i really want to do... namely working with words and writing and traveling.

if by some strange chance anyone associated with the university of minnesota is reading this, what i really want to do is get a job with the u and take a free class or two. that way i can get the official journalism and computer training i need to branch out and make this work. i'd also be able to save money and hopefully get my master's sooner or later. keep your fingers crossed. ah, the quarter-life crisis. it sucks.

and now for something completely different...

p.b.loco was featured on as a stop on their college tour. watch the video below and see me in my natural state of dorkiness. thanks to tori, arthur, and steph for pointing out my resemblance to smalls from the sandlot wearing my hat. i really appreciate it. i do. the good news is i only have to don it for two more weeks!

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