Tuesday, June 05, 2007

just keep truckin' on

summer is fast approaching and work is largely unnotable, aside from staying until midnight removing paint from the tiles last night by order of the health inspector. not fun, and i think i now harbor a hatred for paint remover. i'm finding myself living for my days off, and in general, they've been largely productive so far. my running is getting easier and easier and i'm pretty much in the same shape i was in last summer- i was going to take it easy today and just do a three mile run, but as i started going i felt the need to keep going and explore the city a little more. i found lake nokomis, which is beautiful and crammed with beach-goers. i'm excited at the prospect of a new lake to run around (according to wikipedia, which is *always* reliable, the distance around is about three miles). not too far off from a lake calhoun run. that three mile run turned into a six mile run, which is good because i've fallen behind with my trip home and everything.

speaking of productive days, i failed to mention my day off last thursday, where i cleaned the apartment top to bottom (something that hasn't been done since moving in here because of the lack of a broom and floor polish). after that, i painted the kitchen chairs, so they finally match the yellow table. still feeling inspired, i took the broken red window just sitting in the basement, cleaned it up, knocked out the broken glass, and hung it in my bedroom. finally, i treated myself to veggie sushi and sake with rick. all in all, i felt very accomplished.

as for today, i grabbed some lunch at turtle bread, bought some bottles of wine (10% off on tuesdays!), and am relaxing for the rest of the day. i wish everyday was a day off.

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