Wednesday, August 17, 2005

anarchy in the classroom!

so this was something that happened last week and i was giggling in my head when it happened, but i forgot to mention it to anyone!

we were going over homework in one of my classes, and as we finished the page i asked a student why he was putting a big "0" on his page. he said that's what they did when it was all correct in korea. i thought it would be interesting to tell them what we did in america when it ws all correct, so i showed him the big "C" we used to love to write over the page when i was in elementary school. i also showed them a big "A". well, this student really liked the "A," so he took it upon himself to draw A's over his past assignments that already had a 0's on them... and the result was a bunch of anarchy symbols. i thought it was really funny but not quite appropriate to tell them what he had just drawn, so i held my giggle back and continued the lesson. ah, god bless anarchy in south korea!

1 comment:

amy said...

i loved seeing those big C's written on my homework in red pen! oh hoosic valley.