Sunday, August 21, 2005

weekend update

i have 10 minutes left in the pc bang, so i'll try and make this quick.

well, i was on my own again this weekend, but it wasn't too bad. i had some fun and explored a little bit. on saturday i went to lotte department store and got some cabernet sauvignon (yeah not korea, so sue me, i miss red wine). looked around a little bit, then went to a store next door called "elves,"- pretty cute clothes there for decent prices. i got a greenish sleeveless shirt/dress (i'm sure it's a dress for the girls over here, but it's more like a miniskirt on me- fine to go out in but i'm wearing jeans with it to work). and thank god it fits, because i didn't really want to bother with trying it on in the store. size-wise, the only problem for me here is being taller, i know a lot of american girls have problems here because asian girls are so small, so a dress shouldn't be a problem. so it fits, and i'm happy.

on my way back i actually tried eating at a restaurant by myself for the first time here. went to a restaurant behind my apt. building and found a woman standing outside. went up to her and said "bibimbap?" and she nodded and led me in. best meal i've had here by far- the kimchi itself was worth it. some of the times i've had it since being here it's been kind of fishy... at this place it tasted really good. so i enjoyed my feast of a million side dishes (including 2 soups) , not to mention the bibimbap itself. i was so inspired that today i picked up some rice and dried seaweed squares to make bibimbap for dinner (already had the eggs, sprouts, leafy stuff, and red pepper paste)... surprised myself because it was about just as good as the restaurant's! (then again the meal is kind of fool-proof.

today i wanted to take a bus to donghsak-sa (i think that's the name), which is a temple on a nearby mountain. but i couldn't find the bus stop (map said it was at the express bus stop- later saw there was more than one of those) so i enjoyed the art museum and a concert by the daejeon philharmonic orchestra instead. on the program: schubert's "rosamunde" overture, schumann's a-minor piano concerto, and mendelssohn's italian symphony. very enjoyable- oops, out of time here!

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Anonymous said...

i couldnt wait to tell you through our email chain thing. I SAT AT CONANS DESK ON HIS REAL CHAIR ON SUNDAY!!!! No Joke, Debbie was in the guest seat. We have pictures, I'll tell you more soon!