Tuesday, August 30, 2005

weekend update... part three: the revenge of the kimbap

i am so cheesy, as my subject obviously proves.

so i'll try and finish up writing about my weekend. ok, i left off at the bier garten. basically all i wanted to say was i had a classic tanya moment where i was on my way to the bathroom, tried walking through the open door, and smack- walked right into the glass wall. now i have a good sense of humor and have no problem making fun of myself, but it feels entirely different when you're in another country trying to make a good impression with the native folk, and you do something that draws attention like that. it was pretty loud and literally everyone turned to look. i let out a laugh to let them know i was ok and sought refuge in the bathroom. had it been america, i probably would have stood there next to the glass for a good 5 minutes just cracking up at myself.

anyway, then i got really really tired and everyone could tell, so yung su drove me home. all i could think about was crawling into bed and sleeping because i was still really tired from the night before. but yung su wasn't a fast walker (and i am just the opposite) and he kept saying "slow! slow!" on our walk to the car. he tried talking on the drive home, but i wasn't really paying attention because 1) i was afraid he was going to ask me out on a date, 2) i was really tired, and 3) i was preoccupied with praying we wouldn't hit anything on the drive home. we got to my apartment, and i was ready to just jump out of the car and go to bed, but i think he was insisting of walking me to the elevator. so i had to wait for him and he continued talking, and i still had no clue what he was trying to say. and it's definitely possible that i closed the elevator door while he was still talking. lesson: don't mess with me when i'm tired, because i've got a 1-track mind.

turned out they all stayed out till 5:30 in the morning- no way i would have made it that long. so i may have gotten a reputation as the american girl who can't stay out as long as them, but i really don't care too much. i think they felt bad anyway, because they were saying that next time we'll just go out and have dinner. sounds good to me. i did have fun, too bad i was so tired.

yesterday was my first day teaching the regular schedule, and i ended up indirectly beating a student, which i feel bad about. well, not beating exactly, i exaggerated a little bit. but this kid has been a problem for a while and it was finally the last straw yesterday when he was holding the door shut after class not letting anyone out. a girl was trying to pull it open, and he let go and of course the door came flying back at her face. i chased him down the hall, and then led him to the vice principal, saying "he is problem" and showed her his record of days he's misbehaved. she dismissed me and as i was walking away i could hear her slapping him and i felt absolutely awful, i couldn't walk away fast enough. but that's the way they discipline here and there's not much else i can do about it.

out of time again!

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Anonymous said...

HA HA... take that misbehaving children, Tanya may not beat you but she can find someone who will!! (Please print that out and make it into a poster for your classroom, please include a photo of a stereotypical Italian man in a suit with greasy hair and a handgun)

Your crazy friend,