Friday, September 02, 2005

rockin' to the 80s

i'm sitting here in the pc bang and what do i hear from across the room? none other than richard marx belting "right here waiting." awesome, that's the kind of music i want america to be known for!

at least it's not just america. walking out of a restaurant last weekend i heard germany's pride and joy scorpion and their classic hit "winds of change."

boy do these koreans have good taste. i'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear some billy ray cyrus- then i'll almost feel like i'm back in america. almost.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed when I went to Korea that their music stuff is a little bit behind... I mean, they had just gotten into Britney Spears when she had been around in the US forever.

And who am I? Just a person who randomly spotted your blog and thought I'd stick around to give you tips and such. If you ever have a question...ask me.