Thursday, September 15, 2005

what's wrong with this picture?

ok kids, we're gonna play a new game called "you look at the pictures and tell me what's wrong."

picture 1:

picture 2:

give up? i got my chuseok gift today from school. as i unwrapped the present, i was excited to see that the box said "aroma body care" on it. but i opened it up and found that it was a good-sized bottle of bath oil. take a look at my bathroom again... what is missing? maybe i would have been better off with spam.

the picture of me holding the bath oil was multi-purpose, because i got a funny comment from a girl today who said "teacher... you look like tinkerbell" referring to my outfit. that really made me laugh.

in fact, a lot of things made me laugh today- i got to school in a really good mood, i think because i broke down and got starbucks coffee again- i really need my own coffee maker. anyway, i was really tired and out of it this morning (it was one of those days where i couldn't remember at the end of the shower if i actually washed my hair, so i washed it again) and thought i could use a walk, so i wandered around with my starbucks and that woke me up.

anyway... sometimes these kids really impress me. we played hangman in a class today, and a student, dan, chose his word. when it was discovered that there was a "u" in the word, a kid guessed "q" as another letter, and for some reason the logic impressed me. i thought it was even funnier when the word turned out to be "soluble," and for a second i had no idea where that came from until dan showed me that it was on the marker.

and sometimes these kids pick up on really funny phrases. i was making a class write a story about a picture in their workbook using the names that were listed under the picture. i was guiding them along telling them which person went with which name, but one was just labeled "young man." a student, jack, asked me which person the young man was, and i pointed to a man with a moustache (i swear this really was the young man, though). jack's response? "this is young man? this is nonsense!" and threw his hands up in the air in frustration. that got the whole class cracking up, myself included.

ok, i'm sure it was one of those "had to be there moments." oh well.

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Anonymous said...

You can send me the bath oil....I have a tub. Nannnanannaaana. Is that the "dress"/miniskirt? That's cute. I'll be taking that!
poop & pee
under a tree