Wednesday, September 28, 2005

old yeller vs. cujo

the current subject in my "themes for today" class is louis pasteur and the invention of the rabies vaccination. i wanted to get them to understand rabies a little bit more and maybe get some fun out of it, so i was thinking of showing them parts of old yeller. unfortunately, i can't find old yeller in stores or anywhere to download onto my computer... so what if i showed them cujo instead? old yeller and cujo are both feel-good movies about loveable rabid dogs- and they both die in the end (sorry if i spoiled it for anyone who hasn't seen these movies/read the books, but you knew it would happen). they're basically the same story, right?

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Mom said...

Oh yea, Tanya, they're one in the same. We should make a movie: "Hett-o vs Judd-o"

One of them contracts rabies and the other one saves the family.