Monday, September 05, 2005

good old american converstaions

so in an email to my roommates today i was saying that i miss american wackiness. people in korea just don't get sarcasm, which is hell for me because i'm pretty sure i'm the most sarcastic person to walk this earth. well maybe not that extreme, but i think anyone who knows me can tell you i'm pretty sarcastic. so basically all of the wackiness i get in my day comes in the form of queer eye for the straight guy. thank god they air the show over here because it's like my roommates, best friends, and family all rolled into five gay guys.

but miraculously aim express worked on my computer today (i always try signing on and it just freezes) and i got to talk to katherine who gave me some much needed humor inspiration.

our conversation about my korean stalker, aka teacher who keeps asking me out by asking if he can call everyday:
tess4351: but he was trying to impress me a bit, with his family
musicaliza: whoah
tess4351: first, tattoos are illegal to get in korea and the teachers on the trip were all asking questions about it
musicaliza: spans!! stop being a lwabreaker
tess4351: ha ha ok, but he was saying how his parents are very understanding, and they accept tattoos
musicaliza: oh thats so nice of them
tess4351: i think in other words trying to say they would accept me
tess4351: ha ha i know
tess4351: i was just like whatever
tess4351: then later he knew i play music
tess4351: and he said his brother is some sort of talent producer for tv
musicaliza: oh wow you are made
tess4351: and he was saying "maybe... i introduce brother... and you on tv"
tess4351: meaning i can play flute on tv
musicaliza: hahahahaha
musicaliza: no i lik ejust thinking of you one tv
musicaliza: singing
musicaliza: or being a weather girl
tess4351: i kept saying no and he didn't quite understand that i don't want to play flute on tv, i just don't like performing
musicaliza: hahahahaha
musicaliza: how do you meet these people
musicaliza: i love it
tess4351: and he just kept saying "why you don't want? i think you no courage" and ikept saying "no i don't like perform"
musicaliza: you dont have courage???
musicaliza: oh god
musicaliza: bad tanya
tess4351: so i thought that was his drunk talk, but when he was driving me home the next day and he mentioned it again, saying to think about it
musicaliza: you have tattoos but no courage
tess4351: ha ha hatess4351: i know
tess4351: i come to korea alone, but no courage because i won't play flute on tv
tess4351: ha ha ha
musicaliza: hes dumb
musicaliza: im glad iim not in korea

regardless, i'm still happy that i'm korea!

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Mom said...

As for not being able to contain our crazy family sense of humor in public. Better you than me!! I'd be in trouble if I got into one of my giggle fits!!!! and-yes, you are sarcastic. However do you contain it?